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5 Simple & Cost Friendly Home Improvement ideas

Whether you just bought your home or have been living there for years, it’s always a good idea to keep your property’s value, well, valuable. This rule applies even if you have no plans to sell.

Charm is great and it’s the small imperfections that we get used to that often comfort us, but make sure your house is actually charming and not real estate agent, “charming”!

Start out by jotting down a list; include both aesthetic and structural home improvements. Don’t think too much into it… just start! Once you have your list completed, review it and prioritize into three categories:

  1. Immediate improvements
  2. Future improvements
  3. Your Wish List (that’s where the gift wrapping room and indoor gym go)

If your annual home maintenance up to date, then you’re list will most likely be mainly aesthetics, but if not we suggest you start here. Otherwise, read on!

  1. Plant a garden: As all women know, when you’re feeling like your face needs a quick boost, out comes the mascara. Two little swipes and your face will brighten up as well as your mood.Yes, the inside of your home is the main attraction, but a garden is your home’s first impressions so check in to see if it needs a boost. Invest a little time and money in landscaping. Whether you opt for flowers or urban permaculture the point is appeal, so make it inviting and maintain it!
  2. Put on a fresh coat of paint: Your walls are your home’s second impression. A fresh coat of paint brightens up the house and makes it appear well cared for. Think of how you would dress when heading out to a meeting… would you show up in a dirty t-shirt and jeans with holes or a clean, well put together outfit?Throw in some color and texture for the extra wow factor. Pinterest has some GREAT ideas on DIY home painting projects. This one’s my favorite!
  3. Add artwork: Now that your walls have that “crisp outfit” on, it’s time to accessories! And adding framed pictures to your walls is the perfect way to get that job done. Whether you hang up valuable fine-art pieces, family photos or this incredibly creative hanger make sure that your placement and color choices are accenting the room nicely. Again, Pinterest is the place for inspiration in this area!
  4. Upgrade the kitchen: If you can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of money on a major remodel a mini lift is a great alternative. Upgrade small things like the cabinet handles, drawer knobs, faucets and light fixtures. Add a bit of color with a newly tiled backsplash and/or a fresh coat of paint.
  5. Spruce up the bathroom: Bathrooms have gone from a place of business to a luxury experience. People want their bathrooms to have the feeling of a mini spa, but that can get very expensive. Go ahead and add the heated floors to the wish list and for now let’s concentrate on a few cost friendly ideas to spruce up your bathroom.Attractive shower curtains, floor mats and towels are a very quick and easy way to spruce up your bathrooms appeal. Add wall mounted lighting to that and your bathroom will instantly feel like your home’s luxury spot.Remember to keep your bathroom VERY clean, not only for hygenic reasons, but this area is one that requires a lot maintenance so that the structure doesn’t get worn down. Check out our blogs on mold buildup and leaky pipes for tips on maintaining your bathroom!

If you are considering a more costly renovation to add value to your property it’s a good idea to consult with professionals. For example, since some improvements add more value to your home than others speaking with a Realtor for pointers on what returns you can expect from your list of home improvements can help to make smart choices.

Most importantly remember to have fun with these simple home improvements so that you can fully enjoy them when they are done!

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