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For over twenty years, LMR Public Adjusters has assisted homeowners in Florida, Georgia, and the entire contiguous United States.  We have opened a new office in Boynton Beach to better serve homeowners in Florida and help them recover from home damage and contentious insurance companies.  Whether an insurance company unintentionally or deliberately underpays a claim or rejects a lawful, valid claim, our staff educates and represents our clients to receive the maximum payment from the insurance company. Broward country Public Adjuster.

Claims That Our Boynton Beach Public Adjusters Handle

  • Storm Damage: Our staff of public adjusters has significant experience investigating and appraising properties that have been struck by hurricanes.  We work with out clients to ensure that their insurance companies pay the maximum amount available.  We can even help re-open storm damage claims that were closed in previous years.
  • Water Damage: In addition to assessing the magnitude of water damage, our staff can conduct clean-up and construction activities that will restore our clients’ properties.  Our thorough reports and line-by-line details of damages and their associated repairs are crucial to dealing with insurance companies.
  • Mold Damage to Homes: Mold can cause catastrophic damage to both buildings and their residents when left unchecked or not handled properly.  Our staff of public adjusters will document the mold damage, generate reports that describe the actions necessary to repair the damage, and work with our clients’ insurance companies so our clients receive the funds they need to restore their homes.
  • Fire Damage: A fire can swiftly destroy or cause catastrophic damage to a building and be lethal to the building’s residents.  Our staff of public adjusters can detail the building damages and health risks caused by fires and work to prevent underpaid or rejected claims.
  • Property Claims: LMR Public Adjusters has extensive experience with a wide variety of damage types and severities.  Our thorough approach to analyzing damages and recommending restorative measures will help clients minimize the burdens of restoring their properties.
  • Sinkhole Damage: Sinkholes underneath a building cause cracks in walls, roofs, floors, and foundations.  Complicating matters is that many insurance companies flatly refuse to pay sinkhole damage claims.  Our public adjusters generate an honest assessment of the damages and necessary repairs, including factors that insurance companies ignore – such as deprecation and replacement costs.
  • Flood Damage: Floodwaters can damage properties directly through water damage as well as indirectly by bringing pollutants and contaminants into the property.  Our public adjusters will generate complete assessments of the damage and necessary repairs – including decontamination to render the building suitable for habitation – and work for a recovery that does not further damage the house or its residents.
  • Wind Damage: Our public adjusters serve as an effective counter to insurance adjusters who will underestimate or minimize wind damage to underpay the insured homeowners.  Our detailed reports and itemized lists will be crucial in resolving conflicts with insurance companies.
  • Pipe Burst Damage: A broken or burst pipe can inflict sudden water damage to a home’s interior.  Our public adjusters can specify the damages associated with the burst pipe and work with insurance companies to ensure that the homeowners’ claims are paid in full.
  • Plumbing Damage: There is more to repairing plumbing damage than replacing and repairing the damaged plumbing.  The water damage and health hazards associated with the plumbing damage must be fixed as well to prevent future problems.  Insurance companies will attempt to pay only the costs associated with restoring the plumbing infrastructure; our public adjusters show the true extent of the damages to prevent our clients from facing underpaid claims.
  • Tornado Damage: A tornado can destroy a building in seconds.  Insurance companies can add insult to injury by lowballing the damage and costs associated with rebuilding.  Our decades of experience with natural disasters allow us to create reports and evidence that state the true costs associated with rebuilding, lowering the chances of an underpaid claim.
  • Smoke Damage: Smoke can damage buildings and possessions to the point of complete uninhabitability.  Even non-porous surfaces and objects can incur smoke damage.  Our public adjusters can detect the actual severity of smoke damage and recommend accurate measures to address the smoke damage.

LMR Public Adjusters has over 20 Florida locations, fully staffed and ready to help clients recover from natural disasters.  Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online form, emailing us at claims@Lmrpublicadjusters. com, or calling us at (954) 603-7174.

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