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Top 3 Ways Spring Cleaning Helps Your Home Insurance Policy

It’s mid-March, the clocks sprung forward, and the weather’s getting just a tad bit warmer. And you know what that means: It’s spring cleaning time. When we think of spring cleaning, we envision dusting, deodorizing, and de-cluttering. What we might not consider is how our spring cleaning can have more far-reaching effects on our homes.

Specifically from LMR, we wish to present ways in which spring cleaning can help you with your home insurance policy. Some of these will happen serendipitously, whereas others can be tasked along with your regular spring cleaning steps.

Below we discuss three top ways that spring cleaning affects your home insurance.

Finding Leaks. You’re scrubbing a bathroom wall, and notice that it’s not the leftover shower water that’s running down the tiles. And oh, the tiles are cracked? Warning sign! Cracked tiles are a potential for leaking through walls into next door or onto downstairs neighbors. This is something your insurance might not pay for, so it’s especially important to make sure your walls are sealed tight.

Updating the Home Inventory. In order to receive the appropriate rate on home insurance, and to assist with any related claims, your home inventory list must be up-to-date. When spring cleaning, you can ask yourself: 1) Did we sell anything that was on the inventory list this year? 2) Did we acquire anything of value that needs to be added to the list? By maintaining the correct home inventory list, you can ensure your home insurance rates are correct, as well as make sure you would be covered in case of damage or theft.

Noting Structural Problems. Look at the areas where your walls touch the floor. Are there any spaces, especially ones that seem to be growing over time? Or do you see major (or even minor) increasingly growing cracks in your walls? These changes might signify structural problems in your home (read: your foundation might not be stable). It’s best to get an engineer to assess the situation and know what you’re dealing with – if it is in fact a problem, the earlier it’s caught, the better.

Spring cleaning is a good system for an overhaul on home maintenance. In fact, while you’re doing the above tasks, you could also look over your filing and do a review of your insurance policies. By accomplishing spring cleaning not only on the dusting, deodorizing and de-cluttering fronts, but also on the home insurance fronts, you’ll have a robust renewal, springing you forward in more ways than you might have imagined. If you need assistance assessing your insurance levels, feel free to contact us. Happy Spring!

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