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What is a Public Adjuster?

You file an insurance claim when your home, business, or other property has been damaged. You are hoping that the payout of your lawsuit will be fair because of your losses, but unfortunately, the payout claims are usually lower than expected, and most people feel like they are entitled to more compensation. 

In this situation, hiring a public adjuster will help you get a fair insurance claim. In this article, we will discuss what is a public adjuster, what they do, and why you should hire one. 

What is a public adjuster and what do they do?

A public adjuster is also known as an insurance adjuster, this is because they assess the situation and calculate the policyholder’s payout according to their loss and policy coverage. With that expertise, a public adjuster can negotiate on behalf of the policyholder with the provider. Usually, an adjuster is provided for you when you file for an insurance claim. However, the adjuster is probably working for the insurance company, hence, your claim might not be maximized and you might not be given a fair payout. 

That is why most homeowners take the other option, which is hiring a public adjuster. A public adjuster is an independent professional. Since they are not working for the insurance company, they will act and negotiate on your behalf to get fair insurance compensation.

Unlike an adjuster employed in your insurance company, a public insurance adjuster will ensure there is an in-depth review of the situation. The public adjuster will survey the damage in-person and estimate the payout based on the evidence they collect. With that, a comprehensive assessment will be presented to your insurance company and better compensation will be awarded to you. 

Why should you hire a public adjuster?

You should consider hiring a public adjuster because they will take good care of you. When you work with them, they will do their best to ensure that you are compensated by your insurance company fairly and you will not deal with the stress of the claiming process. Having a public adjuster is very handy because they will work for you and not for the company. There will be no conflict of interest and you will be prioritized. 

What should you expect from hiring a public adjuster? 

Here are the things you should expect from a public adjuster:

  1. in-depth review of your insurance policy
  2. visit your home to survey the damage
  3. collect evidence
  4. create a comprehensive review for your claim
  5. handle the claim process on your behalf
  6. calculate the recommended payout
  7. process your payout
  8. negotiate with your insurance company for a higher payout

Having a public adjuster means you do not need to negotiate for yourself and you will not be stressed out with the whole process. 

Contact LMR Public Adjusters for Help 

LMR Public Adjusters represent property owners and renters who have suffered damages because of water, fire, storm, vandalism, theft, wind, smoke, or other causes. We have qualified and experienced public adjusters who will negotiate tirelessly for you. We believe that everyone should be compensated fairly, hence, we do our best to make sure that homeowners get the insurance payout they need to rebuild the damage that has been done. 

The public adjusters from LMR Public Adjusters are highly trained and experienced public adjusters who will fight for your fair compensation. Our services include: 

  • Reviewing your insurance policy for all possible coverage 
  • Preparing your claim 
  • Taking detailed pictures and video of your damages 
  • Preparing inventory lists 
  • Working with appraisers to get fair estimates to repair or replace property 
  • Estimating damages and coverage 
  • Reviewing any communications from the insurance company 
  • Advising you on whether a settlement offer is fair

Let us help you with your insurance claims. Contact us at (954) 603-7174 to get started on your path to a fair recovery.

Frequently asked question

Is it a good idea to hire public adjusters?

Yes, it is always a good idea to hire a public adjuster. Simply because having a public adjuster means having someone work on your insurance claim process fairly and will negotiate for your best interests and not of the insurance company. 

Usually, when you file an insurance claim, you will be given an adjuster but that one works for your insurance company. Hence, the adjuster might not work in your best interest leaving you with a low insurance payout. On the contrary, a public adjuster hired by you will work for you and take care of everything else. The public adjuster will review your policy, create a comprehensive review of the damages and how much you are entitled to. The public adjuster will process everything for you and negotiate on your behalf.

It is hassle-free, and stress-free, and you are likely to get a higher insurance payout. The best time to hire a public adjuster is before filing a claim or at the very beginning of the process because they will do and process everything for you. 

Most homeowners get a lower payout than the recommended when their adjuster is from the insurance company, that is why the better route for this is hiring a public adjuster.  LMR Public Adjusters have qualified and experienced public adjusters who will negotiate for you and ensure that you will be compensated fairly. To begin the process of your claim, call us today. You can reach us at (954) 603-7174. You can also send us an email at

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