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Why Do I Need Florida Smoke Insurance If I Already Have Fire Insurance?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

The problem with this adage is that it’s not always true, because when the fire’s out, the smoke still lingers. Sometimes for hours. Seeping into everything. Your carpets, your curtains, your wall cracks. Not to mention your lungs, and anyone else’s lungs who breathed it in.

But shouldn’t fire insurance cover the smoke damage? Not necessarily. It’s common for insurance companies to go by the letter in order to claim they owe nothing. The financial advisory site Financial Web, points out these two examples of fire insurance not covering smoke:

  1. Items heavily damaged by smoke are rendered unusable. The insurance company claims it is not liable to replace the items because they were not directly damaged by fire, but rather by the resultant smoke.
  2. Human respiratory issues, or even deaths, are due to smoke inhalation. Insurance companies often claim it was the smoke, not the fire itself, that caused the medical problems.

Due to this conundrum of definition-sensitive fine lines about what is “fire-caused” and what is “smoke-caused,” the best solution is to make sure to have your Florida home or workplace covered by both Florida fire insurance and Florida smoke insurance. This way, you can claim smoke damages separately should you need to.

What Causes Fires & Smoke?

While you’re making sure your insurance is enough to cover you, in parallel, take precautions to prevent fires and smoke in your home or other building. Not only will you help save lives and property damage, you might get a discount on your insurance, to boot.

  1. Smoke detectors. Many fires could have been prevented with the sound of the smoke detector – unfortunately, many people don’t consider that this small purchase is a worthwhile safety investment. Each room in the home or other building should have a smoke detector, and there are several different types of installations from which to choose.
  2. Smoking. Best not to smoke inside the home and have ashtrays available to put out the fire at the end of a smoke.
  3. Electrical wiring. Old or otherwise faulty electrical connections often cause fires in homes across the United States.
  4. Cooking. This run of the mill, every day activity is associated with fires all the time. Learn how to be careful and keep a watchful eye on all dishes on the stove and in the oven.
  5. Space Heaters. Items accidentally fall on heaters, and within seconds a fire can ensue. Or heater vents are blocked, causing a fire. For safety’s sake, operate heaters only according to their instructions.

Fire and smoke damage are nothing pretty, but if they do happen to you, at least have the peace of mind to be covered well by insurance. Should you need to make a claim, LMR Adjusters will work to ensure you get the amount of coverage you deserve.

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