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Winter Water Wipe-Outs: Preventing Home Dampness

Water has one goal, and one goal only: to flow. Water will always find that one narrow space to travel through to get from point A to point B, and it cares not for that which it wets. This leaves houses struggling with wetness issues year round. Like when a fierce rain seeps through from outside, resulting in a moldy den wall. Or when your upstairs neighbor’s kitchen sink pipe leaks through to your own kitchen, trickling onto the very dishes you’re trying to dry. Or when the bathtub never drains completely, leading to pooling, consequently dripping through to your downstairs neighbor’s shower. Or worse, when a pipe suddenly bursts free, raining cats and dogs in its wake.

Such are the conundrums of wetness in the home. The good news is that all cases are preventable – it just takes diligence and preparedness. Here are some tips for keeping your home from leaking.

  1. Cracks in surfaces. Do a survey of your home from the outside and the inside. Check for any cracks which need caulking, or walls or floors that need repaving or even retiling. The amount of money you will spend to prevent leaks will save money long term in fixes, and can also make the surfaces look better aesthetically.
  2. Age and types of pipes. What types of pipes were installed, and when? Are they insulated? Are they routed the best way? If you happen to have this information in the house plans, it’s helpful. But otherwise, it’s best to consult with a plumber or builder to assess the status of the pipes in your home, especially if it’s an older home. This way, you will not have any surprises like sudden burst pipes, or slow drips from pipes rusting over with time.
  3. Drainage. Do you have a clogged bathtub, sink, or toilet, and the wire hanger, plunger and sulfuric acid aren’t doing the trick to drain it out? Any inability to drain can cause pooling, leading to further, more permanent wetness. This situation requires a professional to remove the blockage and possibly redo the setup in order to prevent future blockages.
  4. Mold. Noticing your walls are molding? The causes are numerous, from rain water, to condensation, to uncleaned A/C filters. Read our expansive article about mold prevention for more information.

Even with the best prevention, wetness can still occur, and the main message we wish to convey is to deal with wetness immediately by contacting us to help you through it. Whether it is initiating from you or a neighbor – you have to deal with it promptly. Even if it’s an emergency, such as a burst pipe, contact us to find out how to best address the insurance company. All in all, address the immediate home dampness issue, and then we’ll work with you to ensure your settlement is the best it can be.

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