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What To Do About Burst Pipes in Florida? Test Your Knowledge.

Burst pipes are not so common in Florida because they are mostly associated with freezing weather. However, there are a variety of other causes of burst pipes as well, and therefore, it behooves any Florida homeowner to be aware of possible causes, prevention means, and coping techniques for burst pipes. Below are some questions to test your knowledge about burst pipes in Florida, followed by tips on how to prevent and handle them.

1. What is the most common reason for calling a plumber if a pipe is dysfunctional?

a) It rusted or was otherwise worn due to old age.
b) It burst.
c) It got an accidental hit.
d) It was purposefully damaged by an outsider.

Answer: b.
2. What is the main cause of a burst pipe?

a) Too many people used the water at once.
b) It froze, and the ice expansion outdid the capacity of the pipe.
c) The pipe was uninsulated.
d) a & c

Answer: d.

3. What are some effects of burst pipes?

a) Property damage.
b) Evacuate homes and other buildings.
c) No water for days on end for an entire population.
d) All of the above.

Answer: d.

4. What is the highest water loss that would likely result from a burst pipe?

a) 2 bathtubs-full per hour
b) 1 bathtub-full per day
c) 1 bucket-full per hour
d) 4 bathtubs-full per hour

Answer: a.

Preventing Burst Pipes

Here are tips for preventing burst pipes in the first place.

  1. Insulate your pipes and your overflow pipes.
  2. Insulate your cold water tank.
  3. Underground pipes should be deep into the ground, or at least insulated well.
  4. During colder periods, leave your home heated to at least 52 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. During expected freezing periods, leave one tap dripping overnight in order to keep water flowing. Freezing is only possible if water is static.
  6. Watch out for burst pipe signs before they become emergencies: leaking ceilings, damp walls, lower water pressure, noisy pipes or electrical faults.

What To Do If a Pipe Bursts

  1. Call the local water authority immediately.
  2. Stop the water at the main valve and then let all water flow out from all taps.
  3. Alert any neighbors whose water is connected to the main pipe.
  4. DO NOT use electrical devices – they might be affected by leakage.
  5. Call a recommended plumber for an emergency visit.
  6. Clean away any visible excess water in order to reduce water damage.
  7. Report the issue to your home insurance company in order to make a burst pipe claim.
  8. Contact LMR Adjusters to ensure your insurance claim will be handled as effectively as possible.

Burst pipes are serious, and can affect you – and those in your area – immediately without warning. Be aware of possible signs of bursting pipes, and be prepared to act swiftly if a pipe does burst. In addition, take all precautions to try to prevent burst pipes from occurring in the first place. If you do end up with burst pipes in Florida, contact LMR Adjusters to consult about receiving the highest possible insurance claim payback.

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