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Why Pass Over Freedom? How to Submit a Property Insurance Claim

The state of Florida has a sizable enough Jewish population – at least in the larger cities – that you can tell when Passover, known as the Festival of Freedom, is coming: The matzah, Manischewitz wine, and other traditional holiday foods are prominently displayed in grocery store entrances. Passover lasts a week, but aside from matzah, most of the other foods are meant for the first two nights, when families, friends, and communities sit down to a festive seder meal to retell the Exodus story. While the Exodus took place in the desert, the Seder usually take place indoors – in homes, synagogues, community centers, and hotels.

Nowadays, it takes a week or two (if not more) to prepare homes, synagogues, community centers, and hotels for Passover. All products with leaven are forbidden for the week, so the pressure’s on to rid all view able stored leaven, and to cook leaven-free for the masses attending the seders. These homes, synagogues, community centers, and hotels are available for Passover because they already operate on a routine day-to-day basis, including cleaning, maintenance and security. All this is to say that people can join in on communal gatherings because the property’s infrastructure is in place. Otherwise, where would you hold a seder? Return to the desert? It’s just not practical.

It goes without saying that these properties are insured just like any home or commercial venture. And yet, as Murphy’s Law would have it, in the midst of all of the Passover preparations, every now and again there will be some need to file an insurance claim. The water pipe leading to the kitchen? It burst. The neighbor’s children decide to test out how fire is made, and whoops – the fire crept into your garden, reaching your porch before you could put it out. Or worse, a hurricane hits. You might be in the middle of Passover preparations, and on top of it all, you now need to make an insurance claim.

What to do?

How to Submit an Insurance Claim

You might expect a few paragraphs here now, right? A step-by-step, veritable Exodus saga so that Insurance God will release you from the burdens of your property damage. On the contrary, it’s just one line: Contact your public insurance adjuster first – before you contact your insurance company. The purpose of a public insurance adjuster is to be an intermediary between you and your insurance company because they are experts at getting you the most out of your insurance plan. For us, we ask that you fill out this form. There is no obligation – as public insurance adjusters, we review your status and let you know how we can help you, and then you’ll decide.

Did you know that about 80% of the Israelites chose to remain in Egypt? Better the slavery they knew than the desert they didn’t. Call us your Moses – we’ll lead you to freedom but you have to decide to come, and at the same time, we, like Moses, will ensure you that any dessert you may encounter will only lead you to a more promising property land.

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